Werken bij greenwheels

Working at Greenwheels

Greenwheels was founded on an ideal:  to make car-sharing available to everyone, thereby making cities more liveable.  We have now become a reliable partner in the field of car-sharing, both nationally and internationally.  There are, however, still plenty of opportunities to expand further and to be relevant for even more people and businesses.

  • History

    On June the 21st1995, Greenwheels places its very first vehicle on Dutch soil.  In a parking lot in Rotterdam.  This is where the founders laid their basis for Greenwheels with the belief that vehicle-use can be made more efficient.

    October of 1997 marks the collaboration with the NS. In the years that followed, cars appeared in as many as 33 cities all over the Netherlands.  In 2004, Greenwheels takes over German-based StattAuto and Shelldrive, making the cars available in Germany as well.

    In 2012 Volkswagen Financial Services and Pon Holdings invested in Greenwheels. The aim is an international rollout of the concept as well as to further develop Greenwheels.  The founders left the company in 2015.  Greenwheels is now fully owned by Volkswagen FS and Pon Holdings.

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  • Culture

    Our motto is 'a car for everybody'.  This will be your focal point during your working day.  This focus also serves as your commitment together with 40 other colleagues in the Netherlands and Germany.

    Our organization is characterized by a pragmatic mindset. We like short lines of communication: we don't have a meeting culture, but instead plan these meetings efficiently. You can of course also turn to your colleagues for answers.   Clear responsibilities create an environment in which you book results yourself and where the  development of knowledge and skills is encouraged.  We also enjoy having lunch together, office get-togethers for drinks each month and casual-Friday every week.


Open vacancies

No current vacancies or suitable job profile? You may always submit your open application. Please mail us your motivation and updated resume to hr@greenwheels.nl. We will get in touch shortly.

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