Greenwheels & COVID-19

All our cars will stay available for when you need them. The safety of all Greenwheels drivers is of course our main priority. Read more about our measures concerning the COVID-19 virus. 


How Greenwheels works.

Our shared cars are available for you at more than 1,800 easily accessible locations. You can register with your OV-chip card or apply for a Greenwheels card. Once you have reserved a car you can pick it up and return it whenever it suits you. And once your reservation is over, you put the car back in the Greenwheels parking space.

You do not have to worry about insurance, road tax, parking or maintenance. Greenwheels takes care of that. Easy right?

  1. Registering and searching for a car

    First you need to register with Greenwheels. After you completed your registration and we've collected your deposit, you're settled to go. 

    Once you received the confirmation, you are able to book a Greenwheels car. This take usually between 0-30 minutes. Sometimes a little bit longer. If you've opted for a Greenwheels card, you will receive it by post within three business days. In the meantime you could use the car with the app. You can easily search for and book a shared car online on our website.

  2. Opening and starting your car

    To unlock your Greenwheels car, use the app or simply hold your card in front of the card reader behind the windscreen.

    Enter your PIN into the board computer in the glove compartment. Take the key out of the board computer and start the car like any other car. Always check the car for damage and make sure it is clean before you drive off.

  3. Making a stop, parking and locking your car

    Always lock your car when you make a stop on your route. At the end of your trip, simply park your car back in its official parking spot.

    You don’t have to pay for parking if you leave the car in its own parking spot. Insert the key in the board computer and lock the car via the app or by holding your Greenwheels card in front of the card reader behind the windscreen. You can read the full user manual here.


Greenwheels users share cars with each other. Therefore it is important to pay attention to the following rules.


  • All users are required to pay a one-off deposit of €225,00. The deposit will be returned when you end your subscription.
  • Registration with your own OV chip card is for free; a Greenwheels card costs €25,00.
  • Invoices can be viewed on My Greenwheels. If you wish to receive your invoices by post we charge an extra fee of €2,00 per invoice.


  • To purchase a subscription you need to be at least 18 years old.
  • Subscriptions are subject to a notice period of 30 days.
  • On a private subscription, it is possible to activate 3 drivers per subscription. Each driver needs to use his/her own card.
  • On a business subscription, you may register with as many users as you wish up to 100 users.
  • Optional: Own risk package from €350,00 to €75,00 for €4,00 per reservation.

Fuelling up

If the fuel tank is less than a quarter full, it is time to fill up the car. Whenever you fill up the car it is important to write down the mileage, because you need to enter the mileage when you pay. As soon as you turn off the engine, remove the tank card from the board computer. The PIN code for the fuel card will appear on the display. Fill up the car. You can find the instructions on how to fill up your car on the back of the lid. Remember to put the fuel card back in the board computer when you're finished.

Avoid additional charges.

No one wants to be charged extra, so make sure you take account of the following:

  • Always return your Greenwheels car on time.

    You can extend your reservation via our Customer Service, website, app or the on-board computer. If someone has already booked your car, we will inform you when you need to return the vehicle. If the car is returned too late, causing a problem for the subsequent user, a fee of € 25 will be charged.

  • Do not violate any traffic rules.

    Fines for traffic offences are for the account of the user. In addition, an amount of € 10 per fine will be charged for administrative expenses.

  • Always leave your car in its own booked parking bay.

    Always return your car to its original location, so that the next user knows where to find it. If you are unable to do this, please call to let us know. Users who leave their cars in a different location without reporting back to Greenwheels will be charged € 25.

  • Make sure there is enough fuel in the tank.

    Cars that are returned must have at least a quarter tank of fuel. If you leave your car with less fuel, you will be charged € 25. The fuel costs will be paid by us and then charged to you in accordance with the kilometres driven.

  • Report any damage in a timely manner.

    Check your car for damage before you drive off. If you find new damage, please call us to report this, so that we know you are not responsible. The user’s excess per damage claim is € 350 The liability can be reduced to € 75 per damage event by paying an additional fee of € 4 per reservation.

  • Return your car clean both outside and inside.

    If a car is returned unclean, we will have to send out one of our employees to clean it, in which case you will be charged €25 for cleaning expenses. Please call us to report any cleanliness issues that you observe immediately (i.e. before you drive off), so that we know you are not responsible.

  • Do not smoke inside the car.

    Everyone wants to drive a fresh-smelling car. If any evidence is found of smoking in a Greenwheels car, Greenwheels has the right to charge a fee of € 25.